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If you need to check out what’s happening with the Presidential Election 2012 or you want an update on what’s happening around the world, get updated with the CNN App for iPad. You can finally get breaking news when you want it, when you need it. From the updates on the world to updates on your state, CNN has it all for you right at your fingertips.

CNN App for iPad has a variety of features. It has CNN Live, where you can stream the CNN channel right on your iPad so it’s like you’re watching on your TV. You can check out different sections of a news headline, where you can see how other people see it, whether it’s a different video or a slideshow assembled. You can also make comments on the things that matter and share your opinions. You can also bookmark stories so whenever you go offline, you have the stories for easy access. You can also access the 2012 Election Center, where you have all the information on what’s going to take place in the elections to occur this year.

CNN App for iPad is a bit daunting to use at first. There are so many things going on at once in one screen. You want one story but the other story looks interesting down here. You were trying to view Piers Morgan Tonight but you ended up with Anderson Cooper. But as you use it more and more, the CNN App for iPad becomes easy to use and you’ll be able to get through your stories and still have that good cup of coffee. This is why I rate the app 5 out of 5.



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