Great news for the fans of DOOORS as the game is finally available for Android phones. This game revolves around the idea of getting out of different rooms. Players will have to solve different puzzles and to find the mysterious in every room to be able to open the room’s door to get out of the room.

The game is so interactive, as players are able to collect items by clicking on the screen at different items and places of the room and then players would try to open the room’s door in order to fully use the items at hand. Some mysteries would require the players to shake the phone or tilt it to get the results they need. There are also tips given to the players to help him solve the mysterious they face. It also has an auto save feature in case you forget to save and your battery runs out, you will not use your progress.

Apart from the main game, there are mini games, escape games that are made to kill time when you are bored or standing in a long line.  It also has a new set of stages and levels as this version has added stages from Level 26 to level 50.


Overall rating 3.5/5.

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