Google Mobile App for the iPad

Google Mobile App for the iPad


This is the iPad version of the already popular Google Mobile App.  It can be downloaded from the app store and was specially designed for the iPad’s touch screen.  You can still search with voice or My Location and all of the Google web based apps are there in the tabs.  That also includes Gmail.  This can be a powerful tool if you need an app to find phone numbers, locations and include all of your other Google apps like Google Maps, Google Reader and Google News.  Google Apps gets you information very quickly with the power of Google Search and then opens up the Google applications that you use everyday.

This app lets you switch between tasks quickly; overall it is just an app that allows you to open up all of your other Google products all in one place.  Quick navigation is one of its best features.  This is one of those apps that you will use most every day.  The price of free can’t be beat either.  If you already have this app on your mobile phone, then you are already well aware of its features as the app for the iPad really holds nothing different from that version, other than the ability to go to other Google products more efficiently.

You can search Google very quickly just by using your voice.  The voice recognition for this app is excellent.  You can locate pictures, locations and phone numbers and even incorporates other powerful Google features.  The app is entirely optimized for use on the iPad and Google has made several improvements to the app.

Google Mobile App For The iPad


  • Quick Access to Other Google Products
  • Voice Recognition
  • Google Maps
  • Google Location
  • Incorporates Gmail
  • Can Access Google Docs


This is a great multi use app in that it contains almost every single Google product you might need in a given session.  The graphics are not stunning; this is obviously more of a utility app.  It works great on the iPad and for being free it is an overall good download.  This is really a great app if you have a number of Google services that you use on a daily basis.  If you are not much of a user of Google products then this app probably is not for you.  There are any number of apps out there that can perform the individual features of what Google mobile combines in one easy place.

Check it out for yourself.  I you don’t like it then it is easy to uninstall.  They convenience that it offers really makes the app very useful.  Not having to switch from Google task to task is great.


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