MyPad for Facebook and Twitter

Did you ever wonder if there is an app that combined Facebook and Twitter? You can finally have that app! MyPad is an app that combines Facebook and Twitter to put them into one page. But MyPad is more than just combining the two great social sites. It also has features that supplement Facebook and Twitter with features that people will find very useful.

MyPad’s feature is it organizes your Facebook and Twitter accounts and organizes them in pages that are stackable and scrollable according to your preference. Instead of the usual dull designs of Facebook and Twitter, this app lets you organize profiles into the way you always wanted it. It features all kinds of features that make this a dynamic app for Facebook and Twitter such as the previously mentioned stacking and scrolling profile pages, chatting offline, putting music in your profile, the support to sync multiple Facebook accounts, the use of a video player, easy sharing of interests, organized photo album and many, many more. There’s also the feature of putting Facebook and Twitter accounts into one page for an easy access to your accounts.

MyPad is a bit daunting to use at first. It mixes a lot of Facebook and Twitter features into one but eventually, you’ll find yourself using it with ease. It won’t replace the original versions of the two social networks but it does supplement them with mobile features that make it easy for you to stay connected with your family and friends. There are a few bugs and some problems with the design but overall, MyPad is a very useful app and a definite download to keep you connected at all times. I rate this app 4 out of 5. 

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