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Pandora iPad App Description:

This app is a fantastic one, especially with the iPad.  It has been around for the pc and iPhone for sometime so a lot of features have been added and it has developed a strong following.  Pandora is takes your style of music, based off of your choices and it finds songs that are similar to your tastes from a database of newer music.  It allows you to create a number of stations all based on your tastes in music; it can be a single artist, song or album.  That’s not where it stops though.  The fun part is when you start adding more music.  Pandora finds the similarities in the styles you are selecting and reaches out across the internet to build you a selection that is completely customized to your liking.

If you don’t like the music that Pandora selects, then you can give it thumbs down and it will remember not to add that type of music again.  It’s an amazing piece of logical software usefully applied to finding music.


  • Excellent Logic
  • WiFi Capable
  • Switches to Higher Quality Sound When in WiFi
  • Hours of Music
  • Share Music With Friends
  • Customizable via iPhone, iPad and Browser


What this app lacks in visual stimulation it definitely makes up for in functionality.  The audio is excellent and sounds great coming from the iPad speakers although a good set of headphones could make it more enjoyable.  Pandora really has a large database of music with a lot of varied artists.  It would be difficult not to find something that you like.  It also allows you to create multiple stations so you can flip between your different styles with one click.  It’s very easy to use and the competition to Pandora really has very little to bring to the table.

Pandora also works with the iPad to adjust settings depending on how much power your iPad has as well as the type of connection you are utilizing.  Pandora also offers a few other nice features when it comes to artists, albums and songs.  They give information such as lyrics or interesting facts and you can also make purchases of the music right from the program.  It is a rather simple interface, but it really makes up for that with the quality of content and audio.

If you are tired of listening to the same old music from your iPod or on the radio, then Pandora can bring a breath of fresh air to your music selection.  You may even find some new artists that will become your new favorites.  You can find out more about this app and Pandora at  You can also create different stations from your pc and listen to them directly from your iPad as your account is connected across multiple platforms.

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