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One of the best known applications out there is PDF readers.  PDF’s have become a way of life in creating, transferring and reading information and the Save2PDF app does so much more.  Launch the app and you will discover there the interface is incredibly simple and nothing much to look at.  The reason this app is impressive is because it gives you the ability to create PDFs on your iPad.  You can start with a blank PDF if you want to as well as convert other formats into a PDF.  You can also take other files that are located on your iPad and edit them.  This app also makes it easy to send out your completed PDF when you are done, directly from the app.


  • Quick PDF Creation
  • Supports Multiple File Types
  • Allows You to Edit PDF
  • Wireless Printing Available
  • Compress Files
  • Email Directly from the App


Save2PDF has a very efficient interface that lets you create a single PDF from Excel, Word or Pages and allows you to amend and edit already existing PDFs.  This iPad app is for those that can’t get away from the office even when they are at home or just need to do some work while at the beach.  It app also allows you to merge multiple documents into a single PDF.  There are a lot of useful features which include zip capability, editing and printing documents wirelessly.  This is an important app for business users of the iPad.

Mobile professionals will be the people that will most benefit from the powerful features of this iPad app.  Save2PDF can make the hassles of a multiple format world much easier with the easy to read portable document format.  PDF’s can be read on nearly every device and that includes mobile phones.  This is the fastest way to get your documents to anyone of your business contacts or clients without having to go through the pain of seeing if they have compatible software.  You can keep the professional look of your Word documents and not have to convert them to any other file format.  Save2PDF is feature rich and makes creating PDFS on the go incredibly simple.

Editing, importing and exporting files is as simple as a tap on your iPad.  You can also email directly from this app which is a glorious time saving feature.  Another nice feature is being able to go to a website and saving it as a PDF for viewing later.  This comes in handy when you want to show someone the content of a website without having to direct them to it.  There are a lot of great features with this app and it is well worth the money.

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