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Mondo Solitaire is packed with well over 100 games of different solitaire and other games such as FreeCell and Klondike.  You can also find other favorites like Xerces and Angkor Wat.  The controls are very easy and the menu of games is easy to access through touch scroll or search.  With 100 + games, the search really does come in handy.  Mondo Solitaire for the iPad will even launch at the same game you left of at the exact same hand.  The interface is setup like most other library searches but you can also sort your games by your favorites, style, name or popularity.  Categorizing your games makes it much simpler to find the games that you like to play the most.

Mondo Solitaire is brought to you by Ambrosia Software and it is a definite bargain considering how many games that come with it.  The compilation of great games also includes other favorites like Spider, Golf and Pyramid.


  • 3D Graphics
  • HD
  • Good Sound Effects
  • Hours of Entertainment
  • Hundreds of Games
  • Easy Interface


This is a must have app for the iPad of anyone that enjoys killing time with a fun card game.  With so many to choose from, it won’t be hard to pick at least 5 that are your favorite.   Ambrosia has a good line of apps out including this one.  Some other iPad apps that they offer are Mr. Sudoku, Aki Mahjong.

Aki Mahjong is a Mahjong Solitaire.  The game is already a favorite of millions around the world, but if you haven’t played it before, don’t be worried, it’s easy to learn and hard to put down.

Mr. Sudoku is another one from Ambrosia that you might want to pick up if you like Mondo Solitaire.  However be warned, the game yells out the phrase MISTER SUDOKU when it starts up.  This can be a little disturbing if you are in a public setting as there are no options to shut that off in game.  You may have to disable your sound temporarily when launching the game.  Other than that one little irritation, the rest of the game is great.

There are a lot of Solitaire games out there for the iPad, but Ambrosia is the top pick because of the amount of games that you get for the one price.  You’ll have hours of fun using this application and if you want some other fun games then try out the other ones like Mr. Sudoku for the Sudoku enthusiast as well as Aki Mahjong  for an entirely different game.  These games have been favorites of the iPhone community and their port over to the iPad was a welcomed event.

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