Streamzoo is a photo editing application that is free, easy to use and is certainly fun to use. It contains so many editing choices and options. After trying Steamzoo for one time, you will not use any other photo editing application on your phone.

Streamzoo contains many filters and border combinations and great options for editing your favorite photos. It also allows you to share the results of your editing on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter or on Streamzoo itself. Here are some of Streamzoo’s amazing features.

– The ability to follow users and hash tags on Twitter to leave your opinion on the images and to rate your friends’ photos.

– It has a total of eighteen filters that you can use to edit your favorite photos. These filters include Sunshine, Toy Hipster, C-41 and Lomo amongst others.

-It has a total of six crop options that include Golden Ratio, 4X3, 6X9, Square and you can even customize your own crop window. It also gives you the ability to flip & rotate the images.

– It has a total of fifteen borders that include Dusty, Gritty, Old Vignette, Black and much more.

– The ability to show off your photos on social networks such as Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook and Google+.

-Gives you the ability you to control the contrast and the brightness of the image. You can also control the Saturation & Hue ratios.

Overall rating 4/5.

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